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As we fight to rid the workplace of bullying, isolation and unnecessary behaviour, references in a professional recruitment process are treated with a consistent cynicism by employers through the SME and larger corporate sector. Regardless of this, references continue to be a feature, be it in written, verbal or telephonic format.

In “Planet Perfection”, all managers would be wonderful and no disagreements would ever take place and the only bad references would be for former employees who deserved the bad reference. The harsh reality is that although companies have process and procedure in place to respond to a reference request, some managers are mean and vindictive and will set out to destroy people who were great employees and disregard their employers’ framework and policies.

Suggestions for overcoming a possible bad reference:

Own your failings: Sometimes you have a lousy reference from a job where you didn't do a great job, but you want to stay in the same field. Alternatively, you will have made a mistake by taking a job that you are not suited to and fail to grasp. Whilst you may have deserved your bad reference, promote the lessons learned and attempt to assure the job market that capable of doing a different job better than the last one. But, if you were rotten at the last job, you must make sure you don't repeat those same errors at the next job? If possible make peace with the lousy reference, apologise and tell them that you have learned from the experience. Whilst it may be impossible in some cases, other employers will appreciate your effort. Seek professional advice from a career consultant or trusted advisor if you are not comfortable delivering such a message.

Find a job in the bad manager's network: Managers with a bad reputation are generally well known and avoided! If you can find a vacancy in a department where another escapee from this department works you can explain, "Mr Un. Professional was my manager and..." and this person will empathise with you.

Overcome your own faults / How can I improve? As mentioned previously, a career advisor will put you on the right track. Career mistakes can happen – just because you have made a mistake, it doesn’t mean that will not be a success elsewhere. Be honest, in that situation, I'd document in my resume and letter that "I worked for Company abc as a xxxx and I was unsuitable for the role and this has reinforced my career clarity. This is one of the reasons I'm applying for a new job sector. I have researched the role and believe that I have the necessary skills and passion to add value to the team”. Most employers will still contact your previous employer but will not be fazed when they were told that you were lousy in your previous role.

Study further to ensure you strengthen your skills and eradicate problems arising due to a skills void. 

Get executive coaching. (You don't have to be an executive for this.)

Step back to move forward: Be willing to take a lower-level job with a pay cut in order to learn more.

Credible Referees: Most HR Departments, expect to be able to contact a line manager and become very concerned if personal referees are suggested as a credible option. Ensure you have a credible list of referees and keep them updated if you have grown professionally. Such a simple process will strengthen your credibility.

If you are extremely concerned and feel a company is damaging your good name: Many companies have policies against giving references at all but fail to enforce it. However, a letter from a lawyer reminding them that the references they do give need to be honest, can generally remind the relevant parties of their responsibilities. If you are of the opinion that a former employer is neglecting to tell the truth, you can hire a reference checking firm to get an official reference and report back to you. If the provided information was false, you can instruct a lawyer send a letter to address the matter and secure a positive outcome. Whilst this is a major step, it can be necessary. Many reference checking firms have lawyers on staff to offer this service. It costs, but can be effective.

A bad reference doesn't have to be a career concluding. Maybe one of these tips may help if you're struggling with a bad reference. Please feel free to make contact if you need further assistance.

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Professional Resume Service A poorly performing resume could be costing you in terms of career progression and salary when presenting yourself as a candidate for new career opportunities. 

As part of your consultation you will have access to advice regarding the following:

  • Creating a process that enables you to present yourself as a suitable candidate to relevant companies.
  • Using Social Media to contact prospective employers.
  • The opportunity to ask questions regarding any concerns that you may have.
  • An understanding of the Hidden Job Market and how to create opportunities


Individual and Group Outplacement Services My Career Professional offer considerable knowledge and experience of providing outplacement services across the public and private sectors and have supported blue collar and white collar employees, senior managers and executive level employees up to CEO level.


Job Support Service Our Job Coaches will provide you with a personalised coaching program to assist you in a process designed to secure your ideal position in a competitive job market.


Application Tracking Software

Even If you’re an ideal candidate for the job, an out of date / poor resume can result in your application being immediately dismissed.

Technology has a stronger than ever presence in the recruiting world. New “recruiting software “periodically hits the market promising to better refine and pre-screen suitable and relevant applicants. These software programs use algorithms and keyword formulas to quickly dismiss resumes that are incorrectly formatted or are failing to use the right keywords.

It takes approximately 4 -8 hours to write a Professional Resume as the author should research current the latest trends and keywords in your industry. Presently, there are some very, very low priced resumes available via the internet. Unfortunately, these documents are mass produced and are immediately discarded by the application tracking software (ATS) and thus your Résumé or documents will not be read.

Our Clients opinions....

I met Kevin via his LinkedIn Profile. Having read through some of his articles posted, he really understands the need of a job seeker. Following my enquiry of which was met with a rapid response, I instructed Kevin to prepare my resume and cover letter. The process was conducted via Skype and was very professional.

Oleg - CBD, Melbourne

Kevin was simply outstanding in the softening the blow of being made redundant. Whilst I only ordered a CV and a Letter, Kevin made several reccomendations and put me in touch with one of his contacts. I am employed once again and feel extremely happy with my new role. To say "I am grateful" is an understatement.

Jenny - Spearwood, Perth

I did a search for Professional Resume Writers Perth - you certainly are !! Thank you so much.

Morne - Port Kennedy, Perth

Sent my documents to My Career Professional for review as I felt they were missing my message. Kevin was very generous with his time and advised me that my documents would be relevant if I made a few minor tweaks. I was confident in making these changes myself. Remarkably, I provided with this advice without charge - Outstanding Service.

Barry -  Manly, NSW

I have never felt so confident! Thank you Kevin

Sammy - Kardinya, Perth

Kevin wrote my resume, letter and set up my LinkedIn profile. I am rubbish on the computer and struggle when applying for jobs. Kevin has devised a process for me that has allowed me to overcome my IT skills and present myself as a strong applicant.

Gary - Sorrento, Perth

Kevin came highly recommended as a specialist career expert. He was engaged to provide outplacement services to 5 staff and was also engaged for additional recruitment assignments. A potentially volatile situation was transitioned into a litigation free process and we even received a thank you letter from one member of staff! (for Kevin's involvement).

Debbie - Health Care Company, CBD, Perth

Kevin was a great help to my job search and is certainly an excellent resume writer. I have secured a new job and I believe my new resume gave me more confidence when attending my interviews. "No more, how do I do a resume" - I will call My Career Professional.

Beau - Joondalup, Perth

My existing resume was very old and needed attention. I sat at my computer and searched Professional Resume Writer Perth. The results were overwhelming and I decided to call a few companies that were close to me. Kevin patiently listened and gave me a lot advice before I had even become a customer. Having purhased a letter, a resume and a LinkedIn profile, I am now applying for work with a great deal of confidence. I recommend My Career Professional without hesitation.

Raelene - Success, Perth

Thank you for coming to visit me at home, it really helped. The interview coaching was great and I found it a really good session. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jamal - Perth CBD

Called Kevin on the Saturday, received the resume the next day. Excellent job, no express fee and brilliant service.

Colin - Wandi, Perth

An excellent and valuable service to be able to call on.

Mick - Engineering Company, Balcatta, Perth

Kevin has provided real value to recently affected employees. Whilst being a true professional, Kevin takes his time to understand the market and offer real support in all areas. Such was our satisfaction we flew him to NSW rather than engage a local service provider.

Daniel - Aged Care Provider , Metropolitan Perth and NSW

Having being made redundant, I was devastated and wondered what the future would look like. Kevin helped me see a bigger picture and I have managed to secure a new job that I consider to be progression. The coaching, the new professional resume and cover letter and the overall redundancy support services have been top class - nice one!

Steve - Henderson, Perth

I am really happy with my new professional resume - 4 job interviews booked so far.

Bob - Warwick, Perth

Kevin is very engaging and challenges me to better myself. Excellent interview coaching, thank you.

Mandy - Armadale, Perth

You are more than just a professional resume service. Thank you for the time and genuine interest that you have shared with me to help me. I am forever grateful. 

Narissa - Mandurah, Perth

Hi Kevin, I am delighted with my resume and cover letter. Thank you for your advice especially regarding my email address. I am excited to send these out to prospected employers and I will definitely be taking up your offer of running jobs by you before I apply. Again thanks, you have shown me a view of myself that I didn't otherwise have access to.

Cathy - Fremantle, Perth

I am so glad that I met Kevin - after being provided with a company to help me after my redundancy, I was becoming frustrated as they didn't understand my employment market. Kevin patiently listened, suggested and helped me make progress resulting in my decision to stop  seeing my other Outplacement Consultant. Kevin has lifted my confidence levels and provided me with the resume and skills to approach my career in a positive and considered manner. This man is a true professional.

Leona - Warwick, Perth

After being made redundant after 11 years in the same job, I was very scared as to what lay ahead. Kevin patiently counselled me and prepared me for what to expect. I love my new job! Thank you Kevin for the excellent resume, letter and  endless advice -  I am forever grateful. 

Brent - Rockingham, Perth

Thank you for the quick turn around and excellent quality of my mining resume and letter.

Bruno - Cockburn, Perth

Kevin, please accept my greatest gratitude for the exceptional resume guidance you gave me and I am certain that it was the prime reason for my success. Another recruitment consultant admired it and I explained it was your input that gave it the quality edge.

Kylie - Fremantle, Perth

I just wanted to let you know that I have made it to the first stage of the interview process.I have a group interview on Monday the 8th of June.Thankyou for all your help with the Resume, Cover Letter and Selection Criteria.

Julia - Joondalup, Perth

I learned a lot yesterday and applied everything you taught me. I was calm. I was collected and enjoyed the interview. I was so planned and I can't thank you enough for preparing me. 

Lesley - Rockingham, Perth

Thank you for help in securing my first Mining role. I didnt think it could happen. Excellent resume and cover letter.

Anurag - Darling Harbour, NSW

I used Kevin's resume writing service last year and it generated more interviews for me than any other resume I have used. Kevin's service was polite, respectful, speedy and made me feel very much valued.

Michelle - North Lake, Perth

Kevin is a down to earth person whom is easy to talk to on any subject and has strong knowledge of many fields across the Mining  and Oil & Gas industry. I do recommend Kevin for any business or career development enquires. 

Michael - Bunbury, WA

I have secured my dream role - thanks for encouraging me.

Georgie - Adelaide, SA

Having met you immediately after I had lost my job, I was scared and worried about my future. Your compassion, knowledge and ability to lift my spirits so quickly during our outplacement program was amazing. I am enjoying my new job and thank you for your ongoing support and kindness. 

Mona - Cockburn Central, Perth

Thank you for telling me what I needed to hear.... I got the job - Very grateful.

Raheem - North Ryde, NSW

I beat 300 applicants to get the job - nice one.

Nigel - CBD, Perth

One of my better online experiences - thanks for the improved resume.

Gerry- Auckland, New Zealand

Your warmth and genuine interest in my career was greatly appreciated. The advice, the encouragement and the finalised resume have made such a difference. Thanks for everything.

Rachel - Joondalup, Perth

Just thought I'd let you know I got the job - I'm delighted.

Sophie - Leeming, Perth

Great advice - thank you for helping me orientate into the Australian job market.

Chen - Leeming, Perth

Thank you very much. Your patience and advice has resulted in a brilliant resume. 

Eric - Carlton, VIC

What you have prepared, the presentation is superior to my past effort, for that I thank you and consider I have value for money.

Greg - Mandurah, Perth

Kevin is an expert in his field of resume writing and career coaching, he demonstrates high levels of integrity. Along with this he is also prompt and articulate. A man for all seasons!

Michael - Geelong, VIC

My new resume seems to be doing the trick - 6 interviews locked in for next week.

Dean - Adelaide, SA

I am really pleased with the work you have done on my resume. 

Jennie - Success, Perth

Kevin has a gift with words. He'll have your resume command the big bucks. He turns up when he says he will. He coaches when you are down and he coaches when you just need to know whats next. This man has a high amount of integrity and he loves to contribute to others. In my books, it doesn't get any better than that.

Rich - Applecross, Perth

Thank you for encouraging me and for the excellent work you did on my selection criterion.

Margaret - Albany, WA

Great work - glad I chose the face to face Resume Consultation option.

Derek - Nedlands, Perth

Excellent resume, oustanding job coaching resulting in many interviews for the Australian Mining Industry.

Wilhem - South Africa

Thank you for helping me with my recent job applications. Outstanding service.

Kelly - Rockingham, WA

Thank you for helping us with our job applications prior to arriving in Australia - it made a tremendous difference.

Clewer Family - Leicestershire UK - Now residing in Palmyra, WA

Kevin - Thank you. When we closed our company due to the industry down turn,  we were 4 very worried adults. Your resume writing and career advice was outstanding and gave us much needed confidence. I am pleased to say that we have all successfully secured new career roles.

Ravanelli Family - Carlton, VIC

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