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Career Management Services

Recognising people as individuals, our consultants use a relevant and flexible framework to meet the diverse needs of every client, regardless of age, seniority or life stage. At all times, we devote the necessary time to identify and understand your possible career options.

“Face to face and online services are available”

In terms of knowledge and expertise, we deliver a wide range of services across the field of Career Management and Development, Professional Resume Writing, Job Search Support and Interview Preparation / Coaching.

“Once you’re a My Career Professional customer, you can contact us anytime for career support”.

Alongside these services, we also partner with Sole Traders and the SME business sector to support our clients in maximising operational efficiency and performance outputs in disciplines such as Outplacement Support (Individual and Group). Organisational Structure, Management Coaching, Workforce Planning, Social Media Guidance and Website Development.

“Our true passion is to deliver effective and affordable career guidance, that supports experienced career professionals from all walks of life to identify the key drivers in creating a brighter future”.